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pump sales There are many pumps available on the market which makes it very difficult (for you, the client) to decide which pump to chose, one which will give adequate pressure and many years of service.

Wellpoint pump sales

We have extensive knowledge of the various pumps available. Based on our knowledge and your requirements we would be able to choose the pump suitable for your needs.

Quality, performance and reliability are some of the features we demand when choosing a pump. Our friendly and efficient staff are trained to install the pump with little inconvenience to you, the client.

The pumps supplied carry a one (1) year warranty.

Borehole pumps

As with wellpoint pumps, there is also a wide range of borehole pumps available from which we are able to choose a suitable unit for your needs.

Here quality, performance and reliability are also features we look for when choosing a pump. The installation of a borehole pump requires knowledge and technique which our staff have mastered.

The borehole pumps supplied carry a one (1) year warranty.

Should you require a wellpoint or borehole pump please call our offices now.

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Should you wish to make use of our annual service option please call our offices now to ensure prompt service.

Featured Testimonials

We tried services from two other wellpoint companies, after several holes, no water was to be found. We even had to pay for the unsuccessful attempts. Someone suggested De Wet wellpoints, they did not charge a deposit fee, we thought we might as well give them a try. Only a few hours later we had strong running water, the pump was set up where we wanted it, and they cleaned up after them. We would recommend them anytime for their great and successful service.

Sonja Schoeman
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