Pump Repairs - Wellpoint & Borehole Pumps

pump repairs As with any installation / system the wellpoint pumps as well as borehole pumps require to be repaired / serviced.

Wellpoint pump repairs

To prevent unnecessary expense maintaining your wellpoint system we recommend that you run the system for a few minutes at least once a week especially during winter. Should your system not function properly at the start of summer we suggest you call our offices immediately. We will schedule one of our efficient teams to attend to the system to ensure you are able to use your system in no time.

However, should the pump require repairs this will be done at our workshop where the necessary tests can be preformed once the repairs have been effected.

Pump repairs will only be undertaken once you have been informed as to the cost implication and duration of repairs.

Repairs are effected with as little as possible inconvenience to the client.

Borehole pump repairs

The service, repairs and maintenance of borehole pumps is highly recommended. The submersible borehole pump exposed to water containing high levels of mineral elements should be serviced regularly to prevent damage.

Schedule your service for spring now.

Should you wish to make use of our annual service option please call our offices now to ensure prompt service.

Featured Testimonials

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for the fantastic service that you supply. I appreciated the fact that you did not demand a deposit and only expected payment once the entire project was completed. The water pressure is great and the fact that my municipal water account is between R50.00 and R100.00 per month proves that this was definitely the correct decision. We water our garden twice a day and fill up our pool with this water.

The after sales service is also excellent. I have only experienced one problem and you were there the next day at no extra charge.

Thanks once again. I will certainly recommend De Wets Boreholes to anyone.

Alison Allen
West Beach

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