dewatering Some areas require the removal of excess ground water. This usually is the case when swimming pools are installed, foundations are cast, wine cellars are flooded or when gardens are water logged. The de-watering system is installed permanently and the excess water can be channeled into a storage facility for the use of garden irrigation or can simply be channeled to waste. Our de-watering team is trained and equipped to work on domestic as well as commercial sites. The de-watering design and installation requires a specific technique to ensure success.

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We tried services from two other wellpoint companies, after several holes, no water was to be found. We even had to pay for the unsuccessful attempts. Someone suggested De Wet wellpoints, they did not charge a deposit fee, we thought we might as well give them a try. Only a few hours later we had strong running water, the pump was set up where we wanted it, and they cleaned up after them. We would recommend them anytime for their great and successful service.

Sonja Schoeman
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