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borehole installations

Borehole Installations

Our borehole installations are drilled in an efficient manner causing as little inconvenience to the client as possible. Once the borehole drilling process has been completed the drilling site is restored. The borehole pump and related equipment is installed thereafter.

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wellpoint installations

Wellpoint Installations

The wellpoint installation, often incorrectly referred to as a borehole, is an affordable option to access ground water.

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borehole and wellpoint maintenance

Borehole And Wellpoint Maintenance

Although wellpoint and borehole installations are known to provide many years of good service it is recommended to service and maintain your installation annually as a preventative measure.

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irrigation installations

Irrigation Installations

We offer irrigation systems for the domestic and commercial sector. Our irrigation systems are designed to ensure full coverage. Installations include manual and automated irrigation systems.

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irrigation maintenance

Irrigation Maintenance

As with any working system the irrigation installation requires repairs and / or maintenance from time to time. Damaged irrigation pipes and sprinklers are repaired with quality material and efficient service.

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Some areas require the removal of excess ground water. This usually is the case when swimming pools are installed or building takes place. The de-watering service requires a specific technique to ensure success.

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holding tank systems

Holding Tank Systems

Also referred to as storage tanks these systems have proven to be very successful. Holding tanks are available in various sizes and provide a storage capacity to ensure sufficient water supply to irrigation systems.

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pump control systems

Pump Control Systems

The pump control unit activates the wellpoint pump on demand of wellpoint water making it an essential part of many systems, including the automated irrigation system.

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pump repairs - borehole and wellpoint pumps

Pump Repairs - Borehole And Wellpoint Pumps

Wellpoint pumps as well as borehole pumps require to be repaired / serviced. It is recommended to service wellpoint and borehole pumps on an annual basis as a preventative measure. Repairs are effected with as little as possible inconvenience to the client.

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pump sales - borehole and wellpoint pumps

Pump Sales - Borehole And Wellpoint Pumps

With so many pumps available on the market it is not easy to choose the pump suitable for the system in use. With our knowledge and expertise we would be able to provide you with the correct pump required.

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